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Rozprava na plenárním zasedání v Evropském parlamentu ve Štrasburku o Kosovu a Albánii 7. července 2010

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00:00'10" SOUNDBITE (English) - Stefan FULE, EU Commissioner for Enlargement : "I fully share the EP views regarding the political situation in Albania. The lack of constructive political dialogue and the lack of settlement of disagreements following the June 2009 elections between government and opposition are of concern. Both sides need to return to a constructive political dialogue and find a solution based on the respect for the constitutional transparency. OECD other recommendations need to be fully addressed in view of the spring 2011 local elections".
00:00'52" SOUNDBITE (English) - Stefan FULE, EU Commissioner for Enlargement: "The Commission has made of the IPA instruments for pre-accession assistance financial support in the area of the judiciary and law enforcement one of its priorities, allocating some 55 millions Euros in the period 2007-2010. On the freedom and independence of media more needs to be done, the legal framework needs to be completed. Transparency of media ownership should to be tackled. Intimidation and influence on journalists are of concern".
00:01'30" SOUNDBITE (English) - Stefan FULE, EU Commissioner for Enlargement: "The timing and scope of Kosovo's progress is determined by Kosovo itself. We launched the stabilisation and Association process dialogue with Kosovo in January. A full cycle of sector meetings has been completed. We are all moving foreword on visas The Council agreed that Kosovo should progress with the perspective of eventual visa liberalisation once all conditions are meet".
00:02'02" SOUNDBITE (English) - Stefan FULE, EU Commissioner for Enlargement: "Kosovo still need to reinsure reintegration arrangements are adequate to coop with the returnees in satisfactory manner. We are in a very closed touch with Pristina to provide guidance and support".
00:02'19" SOUNDBITE (English) - Stefan FULE, EU Commissioner for Enlargement: "For the 1st time this year Kosovo will take part in IPA cross border cooperation programs with the FYROM and Albania. And this programme with Montenegro will follow next year. -- In conclusion the year ahead will be an importance phase for Albania, Kosovo and the region at large. Concerning Kosovo whatever the ICJ will say I trust the EU will continue to actually engage with Kosovo to insure its stays connected to developments in the rest of the western Balkans.
00:03'02" SOUNDBITE (German): Bernd Posselt (PPE, DE) The EP has been supporting Kosovo's battle for freedom for 20 years now. Or since 6 years now we have been supporting Kosovo and its sector to achieve independence. In 2007 we adopted a resolution, and 2008 was the declaration of independence from the part of Kosovo".
00:03'25" SOUNDBITE (Czech) Libor Rouček (S&D, CZ):"Albania has been wasting too much energy and too much time because of the incapacity of the government to come to a consensus and to cooperate in aspects that are absolutely vital for the country. Among those priorities is for example the consensus on the elections results in 2009. It is absolutely vital for all political parties to assume responsibility and to also go ahead with the establishment of a committee that will deal with some changes in the electoral system".
00:04'06" SOUNDBITE ( English) - Marietje Schaake (ALDE, NL): "In recent months the presidents of the EPP and S&D in the EP has make great efforts to solve the political crises in Albania, trough visits and trough working with different political parties. But even these high level efforts have been proven unsuccessful. In May we had our 1st joint parliamentary committee and as well willing as most of us in the EP begin this meeting so discouraged we were by the way in which the counterparts from Albania used the time in Brussels for internal quarrels damaging Albania's image
00:04'36" SOUNDBITE (English) - Charles Tannock (ECR, GB): "Kosovo can't' join the EU because 5 EU member stated refuse to recognise its sovereignty. Corruptions remain a huge problem in Kosovo, which is also a major transit centre for the narcotics and people trafficking. And the economy is far to depending on EU and western aid. And it's seems to be no easy way out of its impasse".
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