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Summit Evropské unie a Číny 6. října 2010 v Evropském parlamentu ve Štrasburku

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00:00'10" SOUNDBITE in English: Karel de GUCHT, EU Commissioner for Trade:"This summit is particular important this year as we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the EU and China and using for the 1st time the set up provided by the Lisbon Treaty."
00:00'28" SOUNDBITE in English: Karel de GUCHT, EU Commissioner for Trade:"Finding common ground with China in order to align their position to our priorities will be an important objective of this summit. It is also important to address misperceptions and to build people to people links. A cultural forum will therefore will held for the 1st time in the margins of the summit. That's also why in 2011 will be designed as Europe-China year of youth with the objectives of strengthening mutual understanding between European and Chinese youth and promoting inter-cultural dialogue. "
00:01'05" SOUNDBITE in Greek: Ioannis Kasoulides (PPE, CY):"China is the biggest source of manufactured imports; the trade deficit in favour of China is partly due to difficulties to access Chinese markets. High on the agenda is the effort to upgrade the partnership and cooperation agreement of the NON tariff barriers to markets, the intellectual property rights and access to public procurement."
00:01'31" SOUNDBITE in CZ: Libor Rouček (S&D, CZ):"Today in NY the UN is holding another summit on Global poverty and I think it is worth reminding that EU-China are especially good partners even when it comes to this fighting poverty."
00:01'52" SOUNDBITE in Italian: Niccolò Rinaldi (ALDE, IT):"We can't continue, but it is possible inevitable because of the social and environmental dumping that China carried out, its market is closed to services, it is full of counterfeit goods, etc. and it is reluctant to embrace ACTA. And also the question of Human Rights, the oppression of Tibet which is spiritually, ethnically and culturally suppressed, the fail to recognize the sovereignty of Taiwan, the failure to recognize the freedom of expression, media and internet and the shameful use of death penalty, all this is old policy."
00:02'29" SOUNDBITE in German: Reinhard Bütikofer (Verts/ALE, DE):"In the near future we will have the Cancun climate summit, the next one. And as far as the Chinese are concerned, they haven't played an entirely constructive role in COP15, we could as well be more self-critical on that issue. Again I ask you is there a common EU strategy with the Chinese and beyond Cancun, is there anything we can do, taking note of the fact that the contribution of the U.S., that this contribution is not relevant due to domestic policy considerations for them."
00:03'09" SOUNDBITE in Dutch: Lucas Hartong (NI, NL) "A lot of people of North Korea are very scared, they are in China and they are refugees and they are frightened about this, discovered by the Chinese policy they are send straight back to Korea and put into labour camps, that includes many children. North Korea is starving its own population and it's helped in that by China. I do not see why the COM must have trade relations with a country like China in which Human Rights are not respected and North Korean refugees are repeatedly send back to their home country, so those issues should be on the top of the agenda in the next meeting."
00:03'49" SOUNDBITE in French: Henri Weber (S&D, FR): "38 percent of the recovery plant is in effect invested into these new industries. And it is in fact already the world's producer and exporter of wind panels, wind installation and solar panels. We should welcome this development; it is a way of reducing the level of pollution, be it in China or be it throughout the world. Provided that these measure are taking in compliance with WTO rules."
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