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Libor Rouček k výsledkům parlamentních voleb v Bělorusku 26.10.2012
Libor Rouček se na plenárním zasedání Evropského parlamentu ve Štrasburku vyjádřil k výsledkům parlamentních voleb v Bělorusku.



SOUNDBITE Libor ROUCEK (S&D, Cz) in English: "In regular intervals we discuss the outcome of the elections in Belarus and in regular intervals we have to express our disappointment of the conduct of the elections, because the elections are never free and fair. The Belarus regime again missed another opportunity to express its commitment to European values and of course also end itself the imposed isolation. What to do; I think the critical engagement policy presented by the Commissioner is the right one. On one hand targeted sanctions, but on the other hand try to use all means that we have at our disposal to help the Belarus society, young people, NGOs, to help to open up the country; Of course we also demand the immediate release of all political prisoners, especially as a social democrat, I have to say for independence social democratic movement leader in Belarus Nicola Starkevic."


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